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 vouch request WSE

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PostSubject: vouch request WSE   Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:13 pm

Quote :
Your RGC nickname :
Quote :
Your name, age and country you come from :
Mihailo , Serbia lvl 20 almost !
Quote :
Write a little about your DotA history and previous leagues/clans you played or play in :
well i am playin dota for a while. since 6.21 version of the map so that is like 6 years i guess. started on lan later battlenet garena some short period of time on darer and then i moved here on rgc [2 mounths mby]
Quote :
Do you know anyone in xT-DL league who could support your VR?
tbh dunno
Quote :
Post at least 3 replays from hs league/cw, one must be with a support hero and upload it on





i am playin only support heroz yes most of em are pub [royal as you say but these ppl might be some of better pubers from that room as you say, i haven't got better reps since i haven't got a clan and i wont join any cuz as soon as my college starts ill be active only during weekends, but i'd like an opportunity to play with you guys here

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PostSubject: Re: vouch request WSE   Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:15 pm

vouched, tg
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vouch request WSE
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