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 XT-DL Rules !!

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PostSubject: XT-DL Rules !!   Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:39 am

Official map : 6.72f http://www.getdota.com/
WC3 Version : 1.26a ~> http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_126a_English.exe
Ranked Gaming WebSite ~> http://www.rankedgaming.com/

Dropping Management

If a player dropped before first blood of gameplay, Players may use the commands “!drop #ofplayer” to drop the player, and afterwards to remake the game and be submitted as a draw by typing
“!votermk” or wait for the reconnection of the player by typing”!nodrop #ofplayer“. Players can report the player that left the game by dropping.

If a player leaves before 10 minutes of game time, a !votermk is obliged by all the remaining players and submitted to be as a DRAW. Make sure you post a ban request of the leaving game ruiner player.

If someone disagrees to !votermk after someone leaving before 10minutes, please post a screenshot/replay of which player that didn’t agree/type !RMK to remake the game.

Continue your game unbalanced, but the players that didn’t !votermk will be banned.

Any staff player can type “!rmk” to directly remake the game only if a player leaves before 10minutes of game time.

(AFK)Away From Keyboard
XT-DL does not accept afk’ing in game, except for serious human reasons. Otherwise being afk is heavily punished cause of ruin of the game. When someone goes afk you can report it to the opponent, and call the nickname of the person who was AFK. This rule applies only when this situation is occurred.

The ForFeit Rule

In order for a team to forfeit (ff) u will need to have all playing players agree and type “!ff” in all chat.

Pausing the match is allowed in consideration with the 3 timeouts per player limit. However, abuse of this system is considered unsportsmanlike and will have consequences. You are not allowed to unpause an opposing teams pause until 1 minute has passed or until they agree/unpause. After 1
minute the opposing team may unpause without notification, though it would be good natured to give notification. Each team is allowed a maximum of 3 minutes of pause. After 3 minutes of total pause time the restrictions on unpausing are lifted completely and are left to the discretion of the-individual players.

Item Restrictions (Tournaments ONLY)

–>One Refresher Orb per team
–>Two Necronomicon per team
–>Two Hex / One Euls per team
–>One Arcane Boots per team
–>One Khadgard’s Pipe of insight per team


Anyone found abusing his hero suiciding him,selling items cause of rage will be punished within a time limit ban.
XT-DL does not accept childish behaviors.


XT-DL hates unmannered and Racist players, that means we do not tolerate any of these! You may be the best in the world, and you may think things differently from other players, but don’t let your arrogance overcome yourself. Respect each others skill and person. If you don’t like a respective
person, try to compromise or deal with it in a mature way. You can act like a mature person and spend 5 minutes from your life to post the replay with the person you are about to criticize and the admins will take care of everything.
Administrators will NOT allow any kind of flames or disrespect towards anyone. Racial slurs, racism and heavy flame will result in a severe punishment. Depending on the act of behaviour, you might get unvouched.
Comment : Manners, are a difficult issue so there will be no excuses. Punishment goes for simple manners from 2 days to 1 week. Heavy flame, racism will lead you into a PERMABAN.

Being a Captain can be difficult sometimes

As there will always be a winner in the game, the team should not blame the fall of the game to the Captain, but working along to producing a better GG in the end. If the Captain couldn’t meet up to expectations, just play on and continue the game.
Anyone can be captain.

Item Sharing

The sharing of basic regeneration items, wards, consumables, and gem is allowed. Items shared must be returned or used within 5 minutes. Please remember that whenever you purchase an item you are the sole owner of the item – you can share it for a couple minutes if it is on the list below,
but it must be returned or used shortly. The following items are the only allowable items:
· Sentry wards Allowed to be given to another player permanently
· Observer wards Allowed to be given to another player permanently
· Clarity Potion
· Flasks of Sapphire Water
· Chickens (for usage)
· Ring of Regeneration
· Ring of Health
· Sobi Mask
· Void Stone
· TP Scroll Allowed to be given to another player permanently
· Ancient Tango of Essifation Allowed to be given to another player permanently
· Gem of Truesight Allowed to be given to another player permanently

Note : Dying on purpose carrying a Divine Rapier, so the team player will take it upon death comes to a violation of the game.
If a player commits a rule violation that leads to the circumstances, under which the game cannot be continued, this player should be punished with being reported, and staff will decide the punishment of timeban or causing the abuser being unvouched.

Hero Pick/Reservation

To make it fair and square the captain can decide which hero is for which particular player. If there’s still negotiations about the hero reservation. The players can “-roll” as a solution.The player with the HIGHEST roll gets the hero that he has chosen/reserved for.
If there’s violation of any of the Hero Reservation please make sure you have posted a screenshot that you got the highest roll and that your hero has been chosen.

Backdoor is allowed!
Blocking Creep Like : By Es Fissure Or Smthn Like That Consider As An Abnuse and Cause a Ban.

Team Captain & VIP Rules

In-order for a gamer to have VIP in XT-DL is to at-least have 20 games won, all promotion submissions regarding VIP may vary according to the staff’s decision. Having alot of warns and a bad reputation won’t get you into the VIP rank.

In-order for a gamer to have Team Captain in XT-DL is to at-least have 30 games played, unless you have a CLAN which is all-in-all active, only 1 member of the can may have the rank A Team Captain is not allowed to abuse commands such as !kick or !swap only if he’s with his clan, or if a Team Captain enters a game, he should ask kindly with respect if he can take one of the pink/blue slot, permission should be accepted.

A Team Captain is allowed to !kick and !swap like he wants to only if he has hosted a game under his own name and he can host Only If he Got His Team or 5 with him .

Any abuse or misleading of the rules will have any of the TC’S demoted instantly (WITHOUT) a warn.


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XT-DL Rules !!
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