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 Vouch request

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PostSubject: Vouch request   Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:51 pm

Your RGC nickname :PAiRe.DAs

Your name, age and country you come from : elyes , 21 , tunis

Write a little about your DotA history and previous leagues/clans you played or play in :
I started play 3-4 years ago at garena public rooms after i created a clan and we started playing cw rooms. Now im playing in rgc platform rooms like EAL,DR.community,,Royal-Dota but im tired of lowskilled players and i want to go into another level, and i heard that xT-DL is the best. (I used to play on mirc ldhl, dp, eedl, ok.dl)
Do you know anyone in xT-DL league who could support your VR? Yes i know Unkind.
Post at least 3 replays from hs league/cw, one must be with a support hero final tunisien cup .all players play LDHL eeDl sfg nexus. version 1.24 ( here i play neverMore Mid NaMe 0.42|-18 that was My first nichname) Clan war game all Hs players !version 1.24 ( here i Play pudge and same naMe 0.42|-18 like i said its My first nickname )
now i want Be vouch with my new nickNaMe : PAiRe.DAs
sry i find those replays from My last Request in sfg And Ok.DL
hope u Dont deny cause of replay version just watch it and thx Alot

best regards : PA..iRe.DAs
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PostSubject: Re: Vouch request   Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:13 pm

read how to make a proper vr next time, denied.
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Vouch request
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